Museum to play

What is ethnographic museum? Where does the name "open-air museum" come from? How and why are museum collections created? For these and many other questions we try to answer the exhibition "Museum of fun?", Which opened on June 7, 2017. The exhibition was designed in the museum moved to the museum from Osiek and addressed to children and their carers.

Both the message and the form of the presentation are aimed at curiosity and creatively engage the youngest audience. We want an attractive, accessible and modern way to draw their attention to the history of the Kashubian Ethnographic Park, to present the general idea of creating the first open air museums, to understand the essence of the collection and work of ethnologists, anthropologists and ethnographers, and to make the children's audiences The museum could draw on knowledge through active play.

We invite you to the open-air museum in Wdzydze!