Dear Guests!

In the interests of safety and order, please follow the rules.

1. Transmission and reception of a cottage holiday, its equipment and recreational equipment takes place in the presence of host,

2. Guest receives at its disposal a set of keys to the house, who is obliged to return
them at the end of his stay,

3. Check-in begins at 15:00 and ends at 11:00 the next day,

4. Payment related to renting a house must be paid in cash on the first day of your stay, including the paid deposit,

5. Fee for unused nights non-refundable,

6. Payment of charges for staying means the acceptance of these Rules,

7. The host is not responsible for the property of the guests,

8. You take responsibility for the damage caused during your stay,

9. You mustn’t use a barbecue on the terrace,

10. You mustn’t smoke in the house and on the terrace,

11. Fireplace is always closed and burning only wood (available in the woodshed),

12. You mustn’t use in the house electrical and gas appliances which are not being provided,

13. Please report any defects, damages immediately to the host,

14. When coming out, make sure that electrical equipment has been turned off and the windows and doors are closed,

15. Please remember, your guests have to leave the house until 22:00,

16. Between 22:00 and 07:00 you have to be silent,

17. Animal owners please watch your pets, as well as cleanliness and ensure the peace
and security of other guests,

18. During stay, guests must care about the order in the house and outside on their own,

19. Rubbish should be stored in baskets outside of the cottage (blue basket– mixed wet rubbish, yellow basket– sorted, dry rubbish),

20. In the case of not obeying the Rules, the host may terminate the lease immediately without refund of advance fees.

We wish you a pleasant rest :)