We invite you to travel to Nowa Kiszewa

near Wdzydze Kiszewskie !!!

We provide:

• Great stay year-round in the newly built wooden houses fully equipped. The entire property
is situated on a plot of the area. And most importantly 1200m2 fully fenced. Inside the property there is a beautiful and safe playground, gazebos equipped with tables, benches and barbecues, wooden hammock, fireplace as well as parking for 4 cars.

• Excellent familiar products (country eggs, bread, butter, cheese, sausage village on fire, smoked pork, smoked ham, smoked trout, fresh trout on the grill. )

For those interested, you can purchase lunch (soup, potatoes, sauce, meat, salad, compote, dessert - 25,00zł)

For those wanting to actively spend your time, you can:

• organize canoeing,
• rent bikes for adults and children,
• hire Nordic Walking poles,
• sauna hire 4-6 people in the shape of a barrel.

Agrowczasy "U PIANKA" Przemysław Piankowski
83 - 431 Nowa Kiszewa 5B
697 935 941